Make Your China Trip Easier

Chinese travelers, the world’s bigest spenders, are shaping the travel sectors.

Compared with any other nations’ people, Chinese visits are the most willing group to spend on shopping when travel aboard, at average of $1,139 per trip per person, based on a recent survey, which is 70 percent higher than the global average, sourced Hurun Report’s Chinese Luxury Traveler White Paper 2013

According to the paper, it is the third consecutive year that Chinese listed top in the global shopping market ranking. However, the super-rich group in china made fewer overseas trips this year on average, 3.4 journeys compared with 4.2 in 2011, the report said.

 Records from the National Tourism Administration reveals that in 2012, 83 million Chinese toured outbound, an 18.4 percent increase year-on-year. The country’s outbound market is expected to continue to grow throughout 2013, with the number reaching 94 million.