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Tour Of Guangzhou’s Eight Newly-selected Scenes

1 Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain

One of the most well known mountains within Nanyue,Baiyun Mountain has been a famous scenic spot since ancient times.

2 Night Pearl River


Miles of riverside, visitors could take a boat trio and see numerous historical relic city landscapes along the river.

3 Yuexiu Park

zhenhai-towerThere are a number of famous scenic spots in the park, like; Five Rams Statue, Zhenhai Tower, erc.

4 Tianhe Waterfall

tianhe-waterfallWaterfall flows through the square, just like ribbon on the city axel. Located at the north of the square is CITIC Plaza, the highest landmark of Guangzhou.

5 Then Chen Temple

(Chen Clan Academy)

chen-clan-academyAslo called The Chens Temple, Chen Clan Academy is now where Guangdong Folk Arts Museum is.

6 Martys Mausoleum

(Mausoleum of the 72 Martyrs at Huanghuagang)

martrys-mausoleumLocated at Xianlie Road middle,the Mausoleum was built in memorial to 72 martyrs of the Chinese Revolutionary league in Guangzhou Uprising led by Sun Yat Sen.

7  Olympic Park

  (Guangdong Olympics Sports Center)

olympic-parkLocated at Dongpu county of Tianhe District,the Olympic Center sas built by the Guangdong Provincial Government for hosting the 9th National Games, with total investment worth  RMB 1.67 billion. It is the first stadium to adopt ribbon-stlyle roof in China.

8 Lotus Mountain

lotus-mountainLocated at Panyu District, Lotus Mountain was once a large-scale quarry in the ancient times with a history of more than 2,000 years, which is rare in China. It is famous for its marvelous man-made stone spectacles around the world  and was hailed “The Relic of  Stone’, comparable to Yunnan’s “Stone Forest”.