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Guangzhou ,and the beautiful fairy tale




Once upon a time,there were five fairies that happened to land to Guangzhou, riding on five rams with paddy held in their mouth. The fairies bestowed the paddy to the local people and blessed that hunger would never occur. Then the fairies flew away with wind, leaving five tams that turned into rock statues later. There thus comes the name “City of Rams”or”City of Paddy” for Guangzhou.


About Guangzhou


Tianhe CBD

Tianhe CBD



Abbreviation:“Sui”                                 Population: about 10 million

Representative flower: kapok          Representative tree: Ceiba

Telephone code:020                              Zip code:5100000

Location: In the south of China Mainland,in the middle of Guangdong Province,on the northern border of Pearl River Delta Region. Facing the South Sea,backed by the Baiyun Mountain,Pearl River running through.East,West and north confluent join at Guangzhou running to the sea.

Are:7,434 sq(gross area),1,443(urban area)

District:Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun, Huangpu, Huadu, Panyu,  Luogang, Nansha, Conghua and Zengcheng.

The South Door of China


Guangzhou,the capital city of Guangdong Province, is the center of politics, economy,science,education and culture and the largest coastal city of South China.

Situated in the wealthy Pearl River Delta Region of South China,facing the South Sea, adjacent to Hong Kong Special Administration Region and Macao Special Administration Region,Guangzhou is the South entrance of China to the world.


Guangzhou Baiyun International Aitport, one of the largest airport within Asia,has daily domestic airlines to cities across the country and multiple direct flights to major international cities.


Bejing-Guangzhou Railway and Beijing-Kowloon Railway is the arterial going down from the north to south of China and linking cities and laterals along.The extensive railway network within the province provides convenience for internal and inter-province traffic.


Guangzhou is one of the most expressway-intense areas in China and the traffic hub of South China. There are direct commuter buses to Hong Kong and Macao. Passenger transportation and freight forwarding are convenient.


Guangzhou Port connects rivers into ocean and links the north and south.With see freight lines up to 300 ports from above 80 counties and some a hundred domestic ports,Guangzhou Ports has great influence over enormous areas.


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