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Full Country Name: The People’s Republic of China

Area: 9,600,000 sq km

Population: 1.3 billion

Capital City: Beijing (pop 12 million)

People: Han Chinese (93%), plus Mongolian, Zhuang, Manchu and Uighur ethnic groups

Language: Putonghua (Beijing dialect mandarin)

Religion: Officially atheist: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism(no stats available); Muslim(14 million), Christian(7 million)

Government: The National People’s Congress

Head of State: Mr. Hu Jintao

GDP: US$4.5 trillion

GDP per head: US$3600

Growth rate: 7.8%

Inflation: 2.8%

Major Industries: Iron, steel, coal, machinery, automobiles, petrolium, chemicals, telecommunications, textiles

Major trading partners: USA, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan