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About Us

Who We Are

Everspring Travel is the Inbound Tour Team of China Youth Travel Service Guangdong (CYTS-GD), a full-service travel agency in Guangzhou City. We are a local born and raised up China inbound tour operator providing first class ground service.

What We Do

Over the past decade, we’ve helped thousands of clients with their China travel plans. Whether you want to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an etc. or attend Canton Fair in Guangzhou, we do everything from making car reservations, booking airline tickets and reserving hotel rooms to arranging more complicated package tours.

What’s Our Advantage

Experienced in receiving participants attending China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Why We’re Different

What makes us different from any other travel agency are our rich experience and working attitude of sincerity with heart and soul. Through 30 years of experience in working in China, we’ve set up a vast network of ground resources and suppliers throughout major cities in China. As a result, we provide clients an efficient and unique ground service.

Managerial Philosophy  

Both you and me are like an evergreen tree. Our hearts are filled with young and romantic dreams, we are dynamic and energetic, we are persistent and perseverant, we are insistent in pursing the brilliant success moment in our life and career.

Our Background

Established in 1979, China Youth Travel Service Guangdong (CYTS-GD) is a comprehensive state-owned enterprise that covers nearly all travel business operations, including domestic tours, inbound and outbound tours, international conference and incentive tours, air tickets sales, etc, among which, organizing and receiving foreign tourist groups is the principal part. With 30 years’ rich experience in this aspect, CYTS-GD has been appraised as one of the top-hundred travel agents in China, one of the top six in Guangdong Province. All the credits she wins are definitely inseparable from her efficient managerial teams, sales representatives and professional tour guides who are proficient in various languages such as English, Japanese, German, French, Korea and Russian and who are holders of State Tour Guide Certificate.

CYTS-GD has engaged herself in introducing brand strategy and applying it to practice. In the year 2002, CYTS-GD was appraised as one of the excellent travel agent with top-quality service in Guangzhou and again in 2004 she advanced to be the most popular travel agents in Guangzhou. CYTS-GD has successfully put the brand strategy into use. Inspired by China’s accessing to WTO and guided by the principle of giving customers 100% satisfaction with our faithfulness and sincerity, all staff of CYTS-GD are making every endeavor to open a wider space for travel-lovers, and to fulfill the brand-new objective in the new millennium.

Impressive Events in Records

1979 Established in Aug.5

1981 Initiated cycling-tours in the country and worked with AHY in making a film program of cycling tour in China.

1983 Organized the Guangdong-Hong Kong Student Carnival.

1985 Officially renamed as “China Youth Travel Service, Guangdong-based Branch” and appointed by the State Tourism Bureau as “first-category travel agen”.

1986 Initiated mountaineering camping group ever in China.

1987 Realized the target of 10-fold increase in the number of tourists within 3 years, entitled by the provincial government as the “provincial best agent with top service”.

1988 Organized the first cycling group consisting of 30 Chinese youngsters to the United States. It was the first time ever that Chinese had traveled across the States on bike.

1989 Received two visiting Soviet cruises totaling 650 people; became a board member of CYTS group.

1992 Initiated and established the Guangdong provincial guiding committee of Receiving Japanese Youth Study and Travel Tour Groups; received the 30th “Top ten outstanding youth” tourist group from Taiwan; renamed as “CYTS-GD”.

1993 Received Japanese delegation from “MeiYuan” cosmetics enterprise, totaling more than 600 people.

1994 Successfully received the Dancing Assemble from Brigham Young University of United States for the fourth time; purchased new office site covering more 600 square meters at TianHe Road.

1995 Received the “Michigan Lions All state Band” from Michigan State, USA, totaling more than 200 people for the third time.

1996 Organized and received Hong Kong motor club and HK police motor club, totaling 150 people each.

1997 Successfully received the “BOAT OF YOUTH” (the East-Sea Boat) from Japan, totaling more than 600 people.

1998 Successfully received eight motorist groups from Hong Kong, totaling more than 500 people, which contributed RMB600,000 Hope-project fund to the poor North-Guangdong mountainous area.

1999 Successfully organized the first “CAVE OF TONG TIAN LUO” exploration; celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of CYTS-GD.

2000 Introuced corporate CI, invited CI experts to design CYTS-GD’s new fancy logo-”broad space”.

2001 Successfully organized and held the “LOVE CHINA-OUR MOTHERLAND” Train Tour of more than 800 young people from Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to Jinggang Mountain, Beijing and Qin Huang Dao.

2002 Approved by the State Tourism  Administration to be the Chinese Citizen Outbound Travel Organizer; Evaluated by the Guangzhou Tourism Administration as the Top-ten Quality Travel Agencies in Guangzhou; Successfully organized and held the “LOVE CHINA–OUR MOTHERLAND” Train Tour of more than 600 people for the second time.

2003 Successfully organized the outdoor-scene cameramen group of the “BEAUTY OF THE FLOWER CITY CONTEST” to Egypt and Turkey.

2004 Successfully received the motor group of 200 policemen from the HONGKONG POLICEMEN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION to east China for the fourth time.


2005 Appraised as the “MOST POPULAR TRAVEL AGENT IN GUANGZHOU” again.

2006 Top 100 International Travel Agencies of China

2007 Top 100 International Travel Agencies of China again

2008 Received 200 buyers from Kenya to attend Canton Fair

2008 Appraised as one of the authorized travel agencies for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Our Competent and Energetic Team

Everspring travel is in charge of receiving international or overseas tourists mainly from European countries, the United States and Canada, and Asia-Pacific regions. We have well-trained local guides good at English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian and Spanish, as well as the dialects of Cantonese, Fukian and Chaozhou. With professional expertise, Everspring travel is experienced in operating the inbound group or FIT from all over the world. It was regarded as one of the largest agents to receive the international arrivals in Guangzhou.

We are committed to offer tailored services to meet different need of Leisure tour, FIT traveler, Conference and incentive, Study exchange program and Do-it-yourself or any special travel program required.










With 30 years’ rich experience, we are specialists in:

Inbound / Outbound Tours

Air Ticket Reservations

Room Reservations

Incentive Organizer

Theme Party / event Organizer

Conference / Function Organizer

Transfer Services

Car / Van / Coach Rental Services

Visa Applications

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